7 Ways To Turn Past Clients Into Future Income

7 Ways To Turn Past Clients Into Future Income


In this mini course, I’m going to introduce you to how you can dip back into your already established pool of clients, who are waiting for you to give them a reason to come back and invest in another fabulous experience with you!

Truthfully, it took me a few years to realize what I’m going to share with you today. That those past clients are such an untapped market that, if catered to and embraced, can turn into repeat after repeat business. I realized that my previous clients were some of my biggest fans. I had to shift my mindset from selling my photography sessions as a “Once in a Lifetime Experience” to “You Deserve this Experience as Much as You Want!”. Then creating campaigns, programs and reminders to encourage my previous clients to come back again and again.

The best part is that I’m not only going to introduce you to seven, step-by-step, ways to get your past clients to continue to be and bring in future clients, I’m also going to give you two templates for each of the seven promotions included in this module. That’s fourteen templates for you to choose from and use!

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