Power Posing Guide By Taylor Oakes Productions

Power Posing Guide By Taylor Oakes Productions


Want to inject more intensity into your imagery? Do you want scenes to seem sexual without being a spectator of sex? Want to learn how many ways you can pull hair? In this guide I deconstruct my formula for precise and powerful posing.

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Meet Taylor


Taylor is an almost-30-something internet individual of infinite invisible illnesses. Photography has always been the mainstay of her personal and professional lives and that started at the same place most do; weddings. From weddings she transitioned into boudoir + IPS and then BodyRock came along and she switched into full-tilt hermit mode and spend the next 4 years rebuilding the branding, messaging and content for the largest online fitness community in the world. Once she took that job as far as she felt she could physically, financially and morally, it was time to set off into full freelance fuckery. She took her experiences working in traditional studio and sales settings and married them with creating content centred around clicks to shape and shift her personal style and approach to portraiture to what it is today; focused on raw, powerful, translatable emotion. Plus a lot of butts.