Creating Conscious Clickbait - How to shoot for social media By Taylor Oakes Productions

Creating Conscious Clickbait - How to shoot for social media By Taylor Oakes Productions


Creating compelling content for personal and professional promotion online is not as straight forward as one might think. This course goes over:
- Definitions of terms and tools for all social platforms (reach, impressions, engagement, etc)
- Do’s and Don’ts of sponsored posts
- Best posting practices for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & YouTube
- How to use analytics effectively
- Algorithm tips, tricks and conspiracy theories
- Pros and Cons of automation
- Soft science on how brains and eyes focus
- The rule of thirds and why it was made to be broken
- Thin slicing and wtf that is
- People posing techniques, tips and cues for your subjects
- Why I love lines
- Effective and efficient distraction clean up, post processing & culling for social media content
- How to format a model call + sample script
- SEO 101
- How to hashtag
- Tips for shooting photo and video content
- A/B Testing
Plus a 30-day posting pattern guaranteed to boost your engagement and increase your followers without sponsoring posts!

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Meet Taylor


Taylor is an almost-30-something internet individual of infinite invisible illnesses. Photography has always been the mainstay of her personal and professional lives and that started at the same place most do; weddings. From weddings she transitioned into boudoir + IPS and then BodyRock came along and she switched into full-tilt hermit mode and spend the next 4 years rebuilding the branding, messaging and content for the largest online fitness community in the world. Once she took that job as far as she felt she could physically, financially and morally, it was time to set off into full freelance fuckery. She took her experiences working in traditional studio and sales settings and married them with creating content centred around clicks to shape and shift her personal style and approach to portraiture to what it is today; focused on raw, powerful, translatable emotion. Plus a lot of butts.