Beautifully Undressed Boudoir e-book course Create Stunning Boudoir Photographs by Jessica Pereira

Beautifully Undressed Boudoir e-book course Create Stunning Boudoir Photographs by Jessica Pereira


The e-book course covers the many aspects to creating beautiful boudoir photographs in great detail. It can be worked through at your own pace, and can be used as a guide whenever you feel the need. It doesn’t stop at just an e-book though. You’ll also get a workbook, bonus materials and tutorials.

The e-book covers :
Building client trust
Creating a memorable experience
Using vulnerability to tell an intimate story
How to make clients more comfortable during their session
Playing with Light
Working with natural curves
Flow Posing Ideas

The workbook covers :
Planning your sessions
How to set the tone for your sessions
Goal setting
Portfolio building exercises : Light, Angling, Distance, In-Between Moments, The Shapes and Curves, Working with Movement

And bonus material :
Client Prep Guide : Helping your clients to prepare for their session
Client Brochure Sample
Meditations & Affirmations Guide : How to get into a positive frame of mind before your session
Lightroom Tutorial Guide x2 : Editing in Colour using Lightroom + AS Exposure &
Editing Black and White

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Meet Jessica


Hi I'm Jess, the owner of BUB and I have been photographing boudoir sessions for over ten years. I started my boudoir business alongside my wedding photography business after finding that many brides-to-be were interested in these sessions as a surprise gift for their soon-to-be husbands.  

My work has since grown and progressed to include woman at a variety of times in their lives (not just for a wedding gift, but for any occasion, including pregnancy).

The ethereal softness of the female form together with the presence of beautiful ambient light helps me to create my style of photographs.

Being able to help women see their own beauty is so very rewarding, and it's the main reason why I am a boudoir photographer. I absolutely love what I do.

I’m based in the U.K and have a studio where most of my sessions take place, although I do also shoot from various locations around the Country and abroad.

I also mentor and run workshops, as well as teach and speak at conferences for other photographers.