Annual Marketing Plan By Marissa Boucher

Annual Marketing Plan By Marissa Boucher


We really feel that it is the marketing that we have done over the years that has pushed our boudoir studio, The Boudoir Divas, to a level we could never have imagined. But marketing is more than just posting on Facebook occasionally, and it’s more than hoping and wishing things will just work out. We have learned that you have to be very STRATEGIC with marketing – and for us, that begins with laying out a plan for our whole year. We’ve been in the boudoir biz for 10 years now, and we’ve learned a LOT about marketing to women. We have been creating an annual plan for marketing for a while now, and it is SO much better than how we used to do things, without a strategy. Now we are prepared well in advance, and we can create our campaigns and look forward to what is coming up next, without scrambling and trying to come up with something last-minute. We hope this Annual Plan will help your business as well. So get out there, have fun with marketing, and then follow the results to see how your efforts are working to build your brand, and get you more BOOKINGS for your boudoir business!Instant Download!

  • PDF with ideas and inspiration, sharing how we use our annual plan.

  • Blank annual plan that you can print, to help you plan out your year’s marketing efforts.

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Meet Marissa


Marissa Boucher is the owner of The Boudoir Divas, a studio that has photographed over 4000 boudoir clients since 2006, some flying in from all over the world for a shoot with her team. She also owns a Production Company that does destination shoots, music videos and commercial work. She has been teaching since 2006, and is honest about her struggles and how she overcame them to create a six figure business that focuses solely on female subjects.