Top 2 Wall Flow Poses For Boudoir + Editorial Photographers

Listen: I got a million of ‘em, but these are 2 of my favorite wall poses that you might want to give a try!

  1. S Curve

    1. Have client stand up against a wall, with bum to the wall to steady themselves. 

    2. Go up on one tip toe on one foot to bend the knee.

    3. Lean that knee over to the straight leg, making sure to keep angles together.

    4. Kick out the hip of the non-bent leg and tell your client to pretend there is a magnet on their shoulder and hip on that side and they are trying to meet, encouraging them to drop that shoulder and kick that hip out.

    5. Take the hand on the non-bent leg side and place it on the meet of the hip/thigh low, with fingers pointing to the floor, making sure to bend the wrist a bit.

    6. Take the hand on the bent knee side and do the same thing, but higher up on the hip bone.

Arm Wrap

  1. From the S Curve pose, keep client’s bum anchored on the wall to keep them steady.

  2. Separate feet a bit more than shoulder width apart.

  3. Kick out a hip, making sure to keep both legs totally straight.

  4. Take the arm/hand opposite of the hip that is kicked out and wrap it around the waist, like they are trying to reach their back.

  5. Place the elbow from the side of the kicked hip to the hand of the arm wrapped around the waist and raise hand to hair and play in hair

From here there is so much more you can do! Don’t be afraid to kick yourself out of your comfort zone and try some new things!

amanda unglesbee