How to Get the Best Angles

OK—so this is actually a lot more simple than you think.

It allllllll comes down to this:

move your feet

Yep...that’s the big secret!

I know what it’s like. I remember first starting out and having a specific pose in my head, putting my client in it and then realizing I could not have chosen a more unflattering pose for her body type. And then...PANIC! It was if I thought she had ex-ray vision and could see the horrible photo I had taken, or worse yet, she could read my mind and feeeeeeeel how inept I felt that moment.

If I had only just taken a deep breath and...moved my feet. Walk around to the left or right and BAM! There it was! A magnificent composition I didn’t even think of!

So here are some basic tips to follow if you find yourself in a panicky moment, or you’re just looking to add a bit of variety to a pose and want to maximize that one pose super efficiently.


Consider taking a photo of each pose in 3 different croppings.

This includes full body, ¾ and portrait. Of course, depending on the pose this just may not work, but you get the idea.

Now, consider maximizing that same pose by not only shooting those 3 croppings, but now add 2 more eye-levels.

Grab a stool and shoot down on your subject in that pose. Now get off the stool and squat down and shoot up (this is particularly helpful for short clients that want to appear taller)

Now...move your feet.

Make sure to not only take your photos from straight on, but move to both the left and the right and even behind your client and see what you see. I can’t tell you how many times I have had the awesome moment of taking the shot that made the whole shoot by just walking around to the other side of my client in a pose. You’ll also see how the light changes that pose up exponentially by just walking around your client.


Shooting like this won’t only give your client SO MUCH variety, it will also help you to shoot efficiently and creatively.

amanda unglesbee