Create Your Own Damn Reality Show | ABOB On The Road


I know…WHAT?? Hahahaha! You heard me right, folks! Lemme explain…

As we gear up this year for our big Art & Business of Boudoir Conference, being held in April of 2020, we have been super excited to do whatever we can to make sure that the experience is one that goes down in educational history.

However, it just wasn’t enough for us to just make sure that the 5 days at the conference was an experience of a lifetime. We wanted EVERYONE to be able to be in on the building of this conference, the story and the journey. So…we decided that we are going to have a west coast and east coast tour to visit as many of the educators speaking at the conference as we possibly can to give all you good folks an inside look into our travels, all while getting to know each of them better.

So…welcome to my West Coast Tour!

We will be going Live as often as we can during our travels, posting updates, and basically creating E TV for our whirlwind 3 days of travel to the west coast for 4 interviews as we travel from LA for a visit with Michael Sasser of Sasser Stills Boudoir in the morning, and then Chadwick Braithwaite of Faces Photography later that evening. Then off to Portland, OR to take some time with Ryan Muirhead with a quick flight into Vancouver, BC that afternoon for some quality time with Jessica Rae of Artist Jessica Rae the next morning. You’ll catch us out and about from 7/9 through 7/11. If that’s just not enough to hold you over, then join us as we do it again on our east coast tour in August!

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amanda unglesbee