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 About ABOB


Who are we?


We are a tribe of compassion, at our most compassionate when one of us has fallen and is need of a safe place to rest, while learning your hard lessons in this life.

We are a tribe of knowing, as we feel each other’s emotions, dreams, happiness and pain because we instinctively know, we are all one.

We are a tribe of strength, only at our strongest when linked arm-in-arm with each other, building our wall of trust, love and community for and in each other.


We are a tribe of forgiveness, at our most forgiving when one of our tribe forgets and needs reminded that the tribe can only be strong in support of each other, all the time, and mostly during the hard times.

We are warriors, fighting our hardest fight against those that try, and fail, to bring us down.

We are teachers, most importantly teaching the tribe how to love each other, to always respect each other, to uplift and inspire each other. We know, without doubt, that without these things we will fail.


Started By

Elizabeth Craig of elizabeth craig photography

 What I'm All About

Helping Boudoir Photographers Create the Business of Their Dreams

Bringing her passion for photography to the classroom, Elizabeth is thrilled to share her secrets to her success with an audience that is ready to be inspired and propelled into their own rewarding and prosperous boudoir photography business. Elizabeth Craig Education is poised to teach any photographer at any level on how to grow and sustain a photography business with hands-on instruction, complete instructional films and coordinating PDF downloads, templates and access to so much more. If you’re ready for a new life in photography, then join Elizabeth on this exciting journey that will completely change your ideas on business, photography and success!

Hell hath no fury like a boudoir photographer with a plan
— Elizabeth Craig